Light Up a Life
I still miss your war stories, going blackberry picking and the bagpipes...but not the Izal.
Neil Jordison
Mum and Dad thinking of you and sending special thoughts every day, you are missed every minute of every day love Liz Connie Sandra Melissa Gary Nicole xxxxxxx
Elizabeth Hughes
To our amazing Grandad Fred. A fantastic Dad and Grandad and a true gentleman and ‘good samaritan.’ No-one will ever top your Christmas Dinners and the many special family gatherings. It maybe 19...
Donna Walters
To the most wonderful Dad, Partner, Grandad, Great-Grandad, Brother, Uncle and friend to many. As our 1st Christmas without you draws near we light this star in memory and in honour of your life. I...
Donna Walters
Forever in our hearts xx
Anne Fuller
In the words of Sue’s favourite poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, I love thee to the depth and breath and height my soul can reach” ending with “ ...
Allan Poyner
Taken too early but always in our hearts. Love you Mum Xxxx
Matthew Lancashire
We know the pain of losing you will slowly heal with time. But we'll not forget you ever and you're always in our minds. We all have a special place in our hearts for you, and know that you are in h...
Matthew and Linzi
You were the best Dad anyone could wish for and I miss you every single day. Forever in my heart, love you always Stacey xxxxxx
Stacey Ingham
Sadly missed from your daughter, Ann. R.I.P xx
Mrs Ann Stellenboom
Beautiful memories of a loving brother. R.I.P from sister, Ann xx
Ann Stellenboom
In loving memory of a wonderful mum. Love from your daughter Ann and loving Grandchildren. R.I.P xx
Ann Stellenboom
Wonderful memories and much loved husband and loving Grandfather and Great Grandfather. All my love from Ann, your loving wife. R.I.P xx
Ann Stellenboom
Jane Smith
Sara Cocken & Family
Richard Rushton
Patsy, Daniel, Lianne, Max & Charlie
Missing the most amazing wife, mum and grandma every day. Keep shining bright and watching over us. Love you always
Your loving family xxx
Miss you every day. No Christmas is the same. You lit up my life, now you light up Heaven
Ann Walsh
Lots of fantastic memories of the fun we had, being raised side by side. We fell out, we laughed, we cried. We lost you far too soon, saying goodbye hurt so much, as our story was unfinished. We thi...
Barbara Whittaker
Missing you so much, too many unspoken words. Dear Son
Marjorie Clegg
We all miss you every day and wish you were still here to brighten up our lives with your lovely smile. Miss you always and forever xxx
Liz Roberts
Harry Seed
Robert & Christine
Graham Seed
Robert & Christine
Jean Seed
Robert & Christine
Peter Field
Enid, Ian, Andrew & Family
Ada Burke
Elaine & Family
Glady's Burke
Elaine & Family
Alan Woodruff
Gillian Ann Woodruff
Brian Turner
Wife & Friend
Jayne Wilkinson
Karen Warburton
Mavis Jarrett
Les Jarrett
Mavis Jarrett
Peter, Tony & April
Ian James Walsh
Mum & Dad
Jack Southworth
James Butler
Cynthis & Roland Yates
Hazel & Mike
Julia Mc Nulty
Pat, Sheila & Pamela
Mr & Mrs Perkins
Michael Perkins
Mr & Mrs Fairbrother
Barbara Perkins (Nee Fairis)
Joan Hunter
Her Daughter Anne & Son-in-Law Jim
Rest in Peace John. Loved and missed by all who knew you. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Casee Leigh
You were, are and always will be the rock on which our family was built. Those we have laughed with, leaned on and loved the most leave us with the best of memories. Simply irreplaceable you leave ...
Gill Leacy
Miss u everyday dad. Wish U was still here!
Cheryl & Ammara
Mum you’re loved and remembered every day. We miss having you with us but know you will be looking down on us. Love always Karen, Mandy and all the family.
Karen Williams
Still thihnking of you Mum and Dad at this special time Love Christine John and Family
Christine Burns
Vincent Barnes
Raymond Barnes
Ethel Barnes
Raymond Barnes
Sylvia Greaves
Raymond Barnes
Christopher Hope
Loving Wife & Family
Lavinia Sutton
Frank Sutton
Son E Sutton
Mary Evans
Pauline & Dave Gaskill
Albert Evans
Pauline & Dave Gaskill
Virginia Thornton
Susan Lloyd & Family
Sharon Lloyd
Susan Lloyd & Family
Walter Melville
Ruth Melville
Eddie Wilding
Shirley Wilding
Sophie Carolyn Murray
Grandma Carol Crichton
Caroline Mary Stephenson
Daughter Carol Crichton
Andrea Louise Bank
Albert Greaves
His Wife Margaret
Ian Heslop
Helen Heslop
Alice Jump
Alan & Dorothy
Michael Sadler
Maureen Sadler
Gladys Eaves
Maureen Sadler
Sidney Hart
Susan Rogers & Jennifer Keenan
Dorothy Hart
Jennifer Keenan & Susan Rogers
Colin MacRae
His Wife Pat MacRae
Philip MacRae
His Mum Pat MacRae
Tom Barrett
Sheila Barrett
Jim & Margaret Lancaster
Sheila Barrett
Matthew Hummer
Mum & Jonathan
Lilian Waddington
Husband Frank
Lilian Derbyshire
Lynn & Alan
Alexander Derbyshire
Lynn & Alan
Lilian Waddington
Lynn & Alan
Samuel Landon
Wife, Son & Family
Stella Carter
Colin & Marlene Parker
Norman Carter
Mrs Barbara Carter-Smith
Harry Jolly
Sue & Joe Roberts
Mary Jolly
Sue & Joe Roberts
Bridget Celine Stephenson
Harry Stephenson & Family
Seamus McGonagle
Harry Stephenson & Family
Uncle John McConnell
Aunt Nettie McConnell
Jimmy Newson
Wife Margaret
Baby Ann-Ruth Arbuckle
Norman Sleigtholme
Trevor & Islay
Irene Hoole
Lawrence Walsh
Theresa Walsh
Kath Hiddert
Theresa Walsh
Danny Spillance
Theresa Walsh
Winifred Barnes
Theresa Walsh
Margaret Kelley
Theresa Walsh
Una Bolton
Theresa Walsh
Doug Wilson
Joan & Lesley Wilson
Arnold Clamp
Wife Jean
Arnold Clamp
Daughter Elaine
Alan Brown
Kath Brown & Family
Elizabeth Knowles
Daughter Heather & Families
Sharon Murray
Sister Heather & Family
Alan Swales
His Wife Val & Family
Jean Burns
Moira Hartley
Kenneth Burns
Moira Hartley
Caroline Turnbull
Moira Hartley
Colin Worswick
John Murphy
Christine Taylor
Richard Taylor
Taylor Families
Richard Taylor
James (Jim) Woodcock
Sandra Woodcock
Elsie King
Christine Nicholson
Thomas King
Christine Nicholson
Veronica Wright
Bill & Rita Whiteley
Charley Firth
T Firth & Son James Firth
Audrey Brown
Janet, Rodger, Caroline & Family
James Brown
Janet, Rodger, Caroline & Family
Helen Lee
Susan James
Frank Lee
Susan James
Moira Robinson
Susan James
Terence James
Susan James
Teresa Hitchen
Ann Howard
Albert Hitchen
Ann Howard
Mike Banks
Wife Lois Bank
Frederick Mercer
Wife Ann
James Craven
Daughter Ann
Arthur Clark
Donald & Robert Clark
Evelyn Clark
Donald & Robert Clark
Linda Burston
Ron Burston
George & Hilda Sagar
Daughter Sandra
Frank Chadwick
Wife Sandra
Michael Hester
Christine Dinsdale
Lance Corporal Michael Hodgson
George & Noreen Stubbs
Alice Croasdale
Daughter Pat & Family
Dorothy Taylor
Friend Pat Jackson
Joseph O'Neill
His Dearly Loved Wife Irene
Ruth & Geoff Wood
Jeanette, Henry & Family
Mary, Frank & Anne Senior
Henry, Jeanette & Family
Mary, Frank & Anne Senior
Henry, Jeanette & Family
Mary, Frank & Anne Senior
Henry, Jeanette & Family
Ronnie Prescott
His Girls
Norman Sergeant
George Graham
Margaret, Jill & Ellie
Edith Wainman
Margaret, Jill & Ellie
Harry Dean
Frank Clayton
Kathleen Hester
David & Eileen Smith
Emily Tootle
Brenda Poole
Ronald Croft
Elizabeth Croft
Joyce Croft
Elizabeth Croft
Peter James Ball (Father)
Kathleen, Hans & Family
Eva Georgina Ball (Mother)
Kathleen, Hans & Family
Amelia Helen Smith (Sister)
Kathleen, Hans & Family
Peter James Ball (Brother)
Kathleen, Hans & Family
Jean Winifred Brazendale (Sister)
Kathleen, Hans & Family
Shirley Squires
Glen & Den
Harry Neville
Wife Wendy
Terry & Harry O'Hare
Daughter Wendy
Andrea Bank
Mum & Neil
Joan Houlker
Mia Houlker
Susan Howard
A. Houlker
Julie Houlker
Joanne & Bert Houlker
Albert Bibby
Judith & All the Family
Ethel Chapman
Clifford Chapman
Peter Ellison
Wife Dora
Peter Ellison
Daughter Janet & Son-in-Law Neil
Peter Ellison
Granddaughter Kerry & Husband Craig, Great Granddaughters Caitlin & Summer
Peter Ellison
Grandson Matt & Wife Ruth, Great Grandson Jack
William Moorhouse
Betty & Family
Rachel S Ambler (nee Crook)
Devoted Parents Pat & Tony Crook
Oliver O'Grady
Doreen O'Grady
Leonard Cowell
Doreen O'Grady
Kathleen Bertwistle
Ann Clark
Cyril Bertwistle
Ann Clark
Claire Hummer
Mum & Jonathan
All Faithful Departed Linden House HFE
Bill & Rita Whiteley
Michael Fearn
His Wife Bernadette Fearn
Dorothy Poole
Brenda Poole
Craig Poole
Brenda Poole
Katy Rose
Mum & Dad
Norman Ferdinand
Wife Norma
Ellen Woodcock
Daughter Norma
David Croft
His Sister Sue & Family
James Brown
HMF Frankland
Ian Wilfred Johnson
Carole Johnson
Alan McAulay
June McAulay & Family
George & Ivy Elliott
June McAulay & Family
Amanda Panek
Lindsay Riley
Husband Terry
Pauline Kenyon
Melvin & Andrea Kenyon
Joyce Guest
Ann, Guest, Maureen Wilson & Jon Guest
Norman Guest
Ann Guest, Maureen Wilson & Jon Guest
Vera & Reg Clayton
Bill & Elaine Turner
Tizbeth & Billy Turner
Bill & Elaine Turner
Vincent Wilson
Melvyn Wilson
John Kay
His Wife Brenda
Karen L Kay
Her Mum Brenda
Ron Harding
Linda & Donna
Florence Stuart
Jean, Terry & Family
James Stuart
Jean, Terry & Family
Margaret Riley
Jean, Terry & Family
Thomas Riley
Jean, Terry & Family
Lawrence Riley
Jean, Terry & Family
Harold Westall
Mrs Edith Ready
Estelle Westall
Mrs Edith Ready
Mr James Ready
Mrs Edith Ready
Herbert Hindle
Amelia Hindle
Marjorie Colclough
Pauline & Christopher
Thomas Colclough
Pauline & Christopher
Mildred Colclough
Pauline & Christopher
Eric Colclough
Pauline & Christopher
Jessie Fallon
Val & Mike Fallon
Grace & Douglas Williams
Val & Mike Fallon
Geraldine Curran
Loving Husband Michael
James Marsden
Wife Eunice & Family
Mary Holland
Eunice Friend & Neighbour
Peter Morris
Alison Morris
Alan Forrest
Alison Morris
Always in  my heart
Cameron Hutchinson 

Cameron Hutchinson
This will be the 4th Christmas without you Andrew. You are so very loved. Forever missed and always in our thoughts Gone to soon, but appreciate the 30 years that we had with you in our lives. xxx
David and Jennifer Rainer
In loving memory of Ted who died in the hospice 15th June 2000. Always remembered with love and much missed still by his family and friends.
Kathleen Gibson
Miss you now and always forever in our thoughts.
Alan & Pamela Jones
A dedication to a fabulous mother and grandparent who will always be fondly remembered
Kevin & Claire Hayes, Matt & Steve
We love and miss you always Mum xxxx you’re in our thoughts every second of every day, we miss this beautiful smile and love you always xx
Laura Dixon
Mum died in East Lancs Hospice June 19th 2019 and is deeply missed every day. Love you to the moon and back James, Laura and poppy xxxx
James wilson
In our thoughts. We miss you and love you always. Love from Mark, Gemma, Sophie, Will and family xxxx
M & G Aspin
In our thoughts. We miss you and love you always. Love from Mark, Gemma, Sophie, Will, Susan and Michael x x x x x x
M & G Aspin
In our thoughts. We miss you. We love you always. Love from David & Molly, Jean & John, Craig and Sarah, Mark & Gemma, Sophie and Will x x x x
M & G Aspin
In our thoughts. We miss you. We love you always. Love from Melanie, Steven and Shannon, Mark & Gemma, Sophie and Will x x x x
M & G Aspin
In our thoughts. We miss you. We love you always. Love from Dorothy, Susan & Michael, Mark & Gemma, Sophie and Will X X X X
M & G Aspin
fondest memories of our granddaughter now the brightest star in the sky. Always n our thoughts and heart
john and margaret morris
Remembered by her beloved son Patrick
Love from, David, Linda, Nicholas, Danielle, Francesca, Daniel & Twins,: Jacob and Sofia xxxx
Margaret-Linda Proctor
Love from, David, Linda, Nicholas, Danielle, Francesca, Daniel & Twins: Jacob and Sofia xxxx
Margaret-Linda Proctor
Love from, David, Linda, Nicholas, Danielle, Francesca, Daniel & Twins: Jacob & Sofia xxxx
Margaret-Linda Proctor
You were a loving and much loved husband, dad,and grandad. You are missed everyday. Remembering you always,your loving wife Margaret, son Spencer, daughter-in-law Michelle, and grandchildren Luke and ...
margaret mulcahy

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